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Emergency Plumbing Repairs in Myrtle Beach

Burst pipes, backups and clogs in your plumbing system are sometimes inevitable. When plumbing problems arise in your Myrtle Beach home, you should be mindful to quickly contact an emergency plumbing service, like ours at Four Star, before the problem escalates further. If no action is taken, it could cause unnecessary damage to your property, aside from interrupting the functionality of the plumbing system. A licensed plumber can also advise you on good practices that can keep your plumbing system in good shape, and avoid a similar problem from sprouting up in the future.

Solutions to Common Plumbing Problems in Myrtle Beach

The most common plumbing problems that occur include clogged toilets, leaking pipes and dripping faucets. Shower drains may also suffer clogs due to poor maintenance habits. With clogged toilets, a plunger may not always do the job. If the toilet regurgitates, then there is a good chance that it may damage the floors, aside from you having to clean up the mess. Leaking pipes are another common issue. If the leak occurs at the joints, it can be tightened to avoid the leak, while the gasket may have to be replaced; otherwise, a new sealant may have to be added. In the event that a major plumbing issue develops, make sure you reach out to our Myrtle Beach 24/7 plumbing service without any delay.

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Licensed technicians first evaluate the plumbing system to detect the cause and take actions to ensure that they mitigate damage to the property and the plumbing system. The services offered by plumbing companies range from pipe repairs to sump installations, or drain clearing to replacement of water heaters, based on the circumstance. If the existing plumbing fixture has served beyond its age, our licensed technician may advise you to have it replaced.