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Drain Cleaning and Replacement in Myrtle Beach

What can be more annoying than clogged, dirty drains in your Myrtle Beach home? In fact, any plumbing-related issue can prove to be a real pain. Although clogging is a fairly common problem with many home solutions available in the market, it is always advisable to contact a professional. Some strong chemical treatments used without the supervision of a licensed technician can lead to damaged drains. Damaged drains means drain replacement instead of simple drain cleaning which is more expensive.

Common Issues With Drains

When water takes longer to drain, strange odors are present, and there is a pool of water to wade through, you can be sure you need help. Chemical drain cleaners tend to do more damage than good, and home remedies like brine, baking soda, or vinegar tend to work temporarily but are not as effective long-term.

Some common drainage problems, which are an indication that drain replacement isphp included, are blocked drain tile, basement water and white marks or efflorescence. Years of neglected maintenance lead to these problems, and if they are left undiagnosed they can lead to flooded rooms and other problems. Normal wear and tear and unforeseen circumstances such as tree roots interfering with the drain line or settling of soil or incorrect installation or foreign objects could also be a cause of such problems.

Basic process of drain replacement

A professional may recommend that the drains may either be cleaned or replaced. Drain replacement, if done correctly and maintained can make a huge difference. The old line is excavated and removed, the necessary repairs are made and new drains are installed by laying them down and connecting them with care. The connection is done after cutting the drains to length, and grease is often used to slip various sections together.

Drainage-related issues, if diagnosed and treated on time, can prolong the life of your drains. Our experts at Four Star in Myrtle Beach may be consulted for plumbing-related services.

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